Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS
Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS
Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS

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POWERFUL force sweeping the country!

Who We Are

The Wealth Education Initiative is a new movement in the financial industry that empowers Agents and Advisors to become Wealth Educators in their communities.  Hard working Americans are in desperate need of comprehensive, non-biased education on financial concerns that affect them and their families.  They are looking for knowledge, not to be sold a product.  Our goal is to position a trained, qualified Wealth Educator in every town across the country, with the desire to teach individuals and families how to create financial independence and live a prosperous life.

What we believe

At The Wealth Education Initiative, we believe that every American deserves a chance to receive competent education from an experienced professional on financial matters that affect them and their families.  Furthermore, we believe that this education should be delivered in a non-threatening environment with zero pressure or obligation on the consumer’s part.   To this end, we have partnered with the one of the country’s premier 501c-3 nonprofit financial literacy organizations.  This arrangement allows our staff, Agents and Advisors to operate in a manner that actually attracts more consumers to attend our classes eager to learn.

Who We Are

Looking For

The Wealth Education Initiative is accepting new Wealth Educators in select markets now.  We will offer these financial professionals an exclusive opportunity in their community if they qualify.  We will only consider those individuals who understand and agree to our philosophy of providing comprehensive, non-biased education on financial matters in a zero pressure, no obligation learning environment.   To begin the qualification process, a licensed Agent or Advisor must have three or more years of experience in the financial industry, and complete a thorough background check.  They will also be required to demonstrate complete mastery of course topics that will be offered in their community.  Educational Degrees or Professional Certifications in higher learning are encouraged.  Every Wealth Educator must adhere to the highest Fiduciary Standard.

Why Join Us?

The Wealth Education Initiative is a powerful force that is sweeping across the country.  Our goal is to place qualified Wealth Educators in every community over the next three years.  By partnering with one of the country’s premier 501c-3 nonprofit financial literacy organizations, we have access to higher quality professional venues and unequivocal credibility with consumers. If you are a qualified Agent or Advisor, looking for an opportunity to give back to your community while creating financial independence and recurring income for you and your family, becoming a Wealth Educator may be the answer for you.  Due to market exclusivity and a strong qualification process, not everyone will be accepted into the program.  If you have a desire to join us, you can find out more by clicking below to schedule a calendar appointment with one of our coordinators:

Benefits You Will Receive:

Reduced monthly dues for non-profit membership
Market Selection
Earn free direct mail campaigns with production
Complete turnkey education classes

including venue selection, mailers, presentations, workbooks, and training

Weekly Wealth Educator Roundtable forums

and business development trainings

Opportunity to obtain CFF

Designation at no cost
(Certified Financial Fiduciary)

Dedicated Academic Coordinator (AC)
Greatly reduced direct mail costs (non-profit rates)

What's Your

Next Move?

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