Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS
Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS
Wealth Educator Today! Become a NEXT STEPS

If you are tired of buying steak

dinners for strangers

  • and are looking for an opportunity to educate qualified prospects on behalf of a non-profit financial wellness company, you need to become a Wealth Educator with one of the most successful marketing systems in the country.

Most workshop

or seminar

mailers run 65 – 75  cents each.  This adds up when you are sending large amounts of invitations.  Become a Wealth Educator today, and enjoy a significant discount in postage, literally saving you thousands of dollars on each event.


is money.

  • Don’t waste it by spending hours choosing a venue, working on your mailer invitation, and creating workbooks & PowerPoints to wow your audience.  Become a Wealth Educator and everything will be done for you.  Join now and start reaping the benefits!

As a Wealth Educator

for a national 501c-3 non-profit organization,

you can enjoy the benefits of greatly reduced mailer expenses and low-cost venues.  More than that, however, most agents & advisors experience much higher than average consumer attendance.

Consumers are

looking for more!

  • They are tired of dinner seminar sales pitches and are increasingly attracted to non-threatening, unbiased financial education classes.  As a Wealth Educator, you can guide them through complex financial issues and become their trusted advisor in retirement.

The Wealth Education

Initiative is different.

We believe that hard-working Americans deserve a truly unbiased education on financial matters that affect retirement.

  • When the average fifty-year-old in the U.S. has less than $2,000 saved for retirement, it is obvious that more education is needed.  As a Wealth Educator, you will be positioned as the teacher and financial expert on topics that retirees are desperately wanting to learn more about. This credibility may enhance your opportunity to become their trusted advisor.
  • As a Wealth Educator, you will become a trusted instructor and subject-matter expert.  Our system will place you in classrooms filled with consumers who have raised their hand for more financial education.   In some cases, they will have paid to attend!

When you join The Wealth

Education Initiative,

you will be assigned a dedicated Academic Consultant (AC), who will assist you with class scheduling , venue rentals, marketing strategies, registrations and all presentation materials.

  • Businesses and their employees (Satisfying ERISA 404c Requirements
  • Churches and their congregations
  • Colleges and their alumni
  • Other organizations and local communities via college and library held classes

The Benefits of

Working with AFEA:

AFEA is comprised of a very diverse and growing membership of licensed professionals. AFEA members work as attorneys, financial advisors, realtors, mortgage specialists, insurance and investment specialists, CPA’s, health & wellness specialists, and a variety of other professions. AFEA members all share the same goal, which is to provide the highest level of financial education available in order to help people better understand their finances.

AFEA financial education is delivered in a

variety of formats including (but not limited to):

  • Classroom style at local community colleges and universities
  • In public libraries
  • Onsite in businesses or churches
  • Online via live and pre-recorded webinars
  • Self-study via our online financial wellness portal

With chapters nationwide, and over 30 topics to choose from AFEA is able to accommodate any educational need.

For more information

about AFEA:

  • American Financial Education Alliance
    8514 McAlpine Park Dr. STE 280
    Charlotte, NC 28211
    Email: info@myafea.org
    Toll-Free: 888-466-3995